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ESTABLISHMENT & MAIN MARKETS: "ROBUST INDUSTRIES" is well established Leather, Fitness, Boxing and Sports goods, apparel and Accessories brand, manufacturer & exporter. We deal in

Fitness accessories, apparels, guards, grips, gloves etc.
Boxing gloves, Mma gloves, guards, pads, apparels, bags and accessories etc.
Martial Arts
Karate , Judo , Jiu jitsu Gi & Taekwondo uniforms.
Sports Wears
All Sublimation , Rugby uniforms, Soccer uniforms, volleyball unifroms, basketball uniform, Track suits, Polo shirts, Sublimated shirts and suits.

Robust industries  knows what it cost to be an athlete, an artist, and a fighter. The spirit that drives the maddening hunger for glory and greatness is directly proportional to the need for self-improvement

We give athletes of all levels what they need to succeed - technologically advanced high-quality sporting products they can rely on, specifically designed to enhance technique and performance in the lines of Martial Arts, Boxing, Muay-Thai, Fitness,and Sportswear.

Our distribution network brings our products to our most valuable resource, our customers. Flexible and fast Customer Service and products of high quality are the focus of our company policy. The partnership with our customers is the core of our business development.


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